Florida Sink Hole In the wake of the suburban Tampa sinkhole tragedy on February 28th which claimed one life, many Southwest Florida residents have wondered about the risk of sinkholes occuring locally.

Sinkholes are depressions or a collapse of the land surface as the limestone below cracks and develops fractures. Acidic waters seeping through the soil lead to the breakdown over long periods of time.

While these types of events often occur after a high accumulation of rainfall in a brief period of time, they can also take place in extremely dry conditions, as the water table below the surface drops or dries out.

Florida is especially vulnurable to sinkholes although the Central Florida area, especially around Orlando and Tampa and several surrounding counties are where the vast majority of sinkholes occur. As shown on the map below, issued by the Florida Geological Survey, Lee and Collier Counties are in a very low risk zone and documented sinkholes, indicated by the blue dots, are a rare occurence in this area.

Florida Sink Hole Map