Bonita Village Sign

The new developer for the Bonita Village condominium and retail property on Bonita Beach Rd. at the intersection of Luke St. has indicated that construction will soon start on 140 new condominiums in the complex.

Omer Dror, a prinicipal with Bonita Development LLC, told the Fort Myers News-Press in a recent interview that construction on the last 140 approved condominiums could begin before the end of this year and that the developer has been in discussions with upscale hotel chains about building on a slice of the Bonita Village property.

“If the qualify of the city improves over time, and the quality is there, I will put in a full-service hotel, a high-end branded hotel,” Dror told the newspaper. “I don’t think it makes much sense to do cheaper hotels.”

Currently 80 condominiums, built in 2007, make-up Bonita Village. The property is owned by Bonita Development LLC, which picked it up for about $4.8 million after Fifth Third Bank foreclosed on a prior developer.

About 50,000 square feet was reserved for retail along Bonita Beach Road, with a 40-room hotel at the corner of Luke Street. Dror told the News-Press that he has no plans for retail space on the property, saying that the market for retail space remains weak and rents would not justify new construction.

Bonita Village-Pool