Bonita Springs High School-Imperial Site Plan

Despite numerous objections from a neighboring community, a Lee County School District site selection committee has chosen a 76 acre parcel near the intersection of Imperial Parkway and Shangri-La Rd. as the location for the first high school in Bonita Springs.

The committee had narrowed the choices to the Imperial Parkway site and a 67 acre parcel near the intersection of Bonita Beach Rd. and Bonita Grande Dr., just east of I-75.

The committee and school officials have scoured Bonita Springs for months looking for a suitable location for the $53 million school.

Neighbors to the Imperial Parkway site in the Hawthorne community have attended several Lee County School Board meetings recently protesting the location and residents have threatened a lawsuit to block the school district from going forward with the plan.

Lee County School Superintendent Greg Adkins has indicated his approval of the Imperial Parkway site. Outside of the Hawthorne residents, many Bonita Springs citizens have lobbied for the new school which is much needed for the 1200 high school age students in the city who currently have to travel 7 miles north to attend Estero High School. The Estero school is facing a severe overcrowding issue and portable classrooms are being used temporarily until a new school can be built.

The Lee County School Board will have the final say on the new high school’s location at a meeting sometime in April.