Mortgage PaymentTo find out where homebuyers can work the fewest hours to afford homeownership, GOBankingRates looked at the home listing prices, mortgage rates and the household incomes in the 50 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia.

Ranging from just 30.76 hours a month in Ohio to 88.13 hours a month in Hawaii, the amount of time Americans spend working to pay their mortgages is vastly different depending on where they live.

“It’s one thing to know the amount of money you’re paying each month to cover your mortgage, but thinking of it in terms of working hours gives that expense a whole new meaning,” says Kristen Bonner, research lead on the study. “Our research provides a fresh perspective on a topic so heavily discussed among Americans. Sure, high home prices are nothing new, but our data takes it one step further by displaying how many work hours a month go directly toward affording a home.”

A color-coded U.S. map broken down by hours-to-afford-a-mortgage is posted on GOBankingRates’ website.

Where you can work the least to afford a mortgage

1. Ohio, 30.76 hours a month

2. Michigan, 32.44 hours a month

3. Indiana, 32.72 hours a month

4. Iowa, 33.81 hours a month

5. Missouri, 34.13 hours a month

6. Kansas, 34.16 hours a month

7. Nebraska, 36.04 hours a month

8. Wisconsin, 37.20 hours a month

9. Pennsylvania, 37.41 hours a month

10. Minnesota, 38.26 hours a month

Where you’ll work the most to afford a mortgage

1. Hawaii, 88.13 hours a month

2. District of Columbia, 83.29 hours a month

3. California, 78.13 hours a month

4. Colorado, 67.02 hours a month

5. Oregon, 66.67 hours a month

6. Montana, 62.43 hours a month

7. New York, 60.70 hours a month

8. Massachusetts, 60.57 hours a month

9. Florida, 59.06 hours a month

10. Idaho, 54.41 hours a month