Southwest Florida residents may be excited to know about the city council’s approval of the sprawling TPI-FMB project that was unanimously voted for on Monday. Fort Myers Beach Talk reported that the development will bring a 254-unit resort hotel, aquatic venue, restaurant and pedestrian bridge at the entrance to Fort Myers Beach where Helmrich Plaza now stands. The hotel will rise no more than 52 feet from the ground and the first level will house a paid parking and valet structure. As long as city approvals keep moving forward, a proposed pedestrian bridge over Estero Boulevard will connect the hotel to the other side of the thoroughfare to make public access to the resort simple and safe. The water park will be able to accommodate 325 visitors a day and town officials and local residents are foreseeing an opportunity to change the landscape and purpose of the beloved beach for the better. Council Member Anita Cereceda said, “Never in our 22-year history has something this profound occurred.” and beach resident, Miffie Greer enthused, ” I’m excited, really excited. You have the opportunity to be the council that changes our beach in a wonderful way.” A representative from TPI Hospitality, the developer building the site commented, “I really look forward to being a part of it, seeing it in operation. I’m very emotionally attached to this project.”